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The modern business card your organization needs

Finally, your business cards and contact management can join the likes of your other business tools (emails, calendars…) to be digital, collaborative, and secure.

Issuing a Card is now instantaneous. Exchanging and storing contacts is swift and seamless. Your team can access all the information they need on their phone, boosting productivity. Our authentication process, and your ability to invalidate former employees’ Cards gives an added level of security. 

Get going instantly

Issue your teammates their Business Cards within minutes with these 3 simple steps:

Create Your Company Card

Enter Team Details


Different Cards for different teams

Different addresses for different branches? Different colors for different divisions? Not a problem.

Show them you’re real. Get a verified account on Betacard.

Your account, authenticated by us. Stop worrying about fakers and imposters.

Focus on your business

Don’t ever worry about managing or losing contact details again.

Group 18

All your Company’s contacts in one secure location

Group 43

Betacards are live, so details are always updated


Easily accessible, and shareable among your team members

The modern store card that ensures you and your customers stay in touch

Get in your customer’s phone with one click, permanently, and always updated. Build a valuable database with minimal effort.

Betacard makes everyone more connected

Connect all your teammates

Members of your team will have access to the internal directory of the organization. This ensures they would always be able to reach each other easily.

Leverage your team’s network

Getting a warm introduction from your teammates have never been this easy. Search for the keyword. If it exists in your teammates’ Vault, they would be able to introduce with just one click.

Make the most out of your events

Our Private Tag feature allows your attendees to register and share details amongst each other seamlessly.

Contact details of attendees are organized (according to events) and added to your Company Vault so that you can always get in touch.

Powerful admin functionality

Supervisorial activity dashboard

Group 19

Role based access controls

Group 20

Multiple admins allowed


Immediate customer support

Your data is yours


Download all the contacts collected with a simple click

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We will never ever sell your data


We know going digital and green can sometimes
be expensive, but not this time.

Small businesses and non profit NGOs

below 20 employees




To help you along in the digital transition during these difficult times, we’re opening Betacard Business for FREE for every company for the rest of 2021.



per user/ month

See how Betacard helps you save at least 50% immediately.

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Manage your company Credentials and Contacts with Betacard.

Join leading companies in using the simplest and sleekest contact management platform. No tiering, no cancellation charges, no hidden fees.

Try it for Free. No credit card required. Immediate deployment.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get started?
All you need is your official company email – so go ahead and get started!

How do I design my Company Card?

Betacard is the only digital card platform that allows you to completely customize your Company Card. Use our Editor to create a design similar to your existing paper card, choose from our library of templates, or something new altogether! The choice is yours.

How long before my teammates can utilize their cards?

Tired of waiting? We are too. Betacard deployment is instantenous. The moment you’ve invited your teammates, they’ll receive an email to redeem their respective Cards – and it’s ready to use.

What do my teammates need to be a user of Betacard?

Your teammates will require an Android or iOS smartphone, nothing else.


What if my teammates are already users of Betacard? Do they need to uninstall their existing account?

Even better! The official company Betacard would be delivered seamlessly into their existing Betacard account. They won’t need to reinstall the app nor log in again.


I have more than 100 employees. How do I deploy Betacard in an efficient manner?

Don’t worry, we’ve made it easy to administer even for for large organizations with thousands of employees. You can easily “cut and paste” or do a bulk upload using the template we’ve provided.

Someone resigned! How do I remove them from my organization?

When an employee leaves, the Company Administrator can retract their Company Betacard immediately by removing them from the Teams tab.


Can I assign more than one administrator to Betacard Business account?

Yes, each account can have up to five administrators.

Can my teammates change anything on their company card?

Your teammates can edit the way their name appears, choose to display their mobile number (or not), and also add any professional qualifications they may have. Only the Company Administrator has the power to move logos, change any visuals or edit company fields.

Is my data secure?

Your data is yours. We will never sell your data. We treat it with utmost respect, and it’s stored securedly. At any time, you can download all the contacts you’ve collected with one-click.

I want to prevent ex-employees from using my Company Card. Can I do this?

Absolutely. Your organization’s security is our top priority. Removing a team member will apply an expired banner to their Company Card. They won’t be able to share it, nor have access to the Internal Directory anymore

Is it really free if my company has under 21 employees?
Absolutely! We know it’s tough as a small business owner and we’d like to help where we can.

What happens if I choose not to continue after 30 days?
We’ll be sad, of course. But there are no commitment or cancellation fees. We want you to try Betacard with no downside, and all of the upside.

What are your payment methods?
You may use any major debit or credit card for online payment. Alternate payment methods such as cheque and bank transfer may be available for large corporations with invoices above US$3000.

My organization is a Non-Profit Organization, what do I need to do to enjoy an exemption?
Go ahead and sign-up for a Business Account. Once you’re done, just send us an email (using the same email you have signed up with) at [email protected], with a short profile of your organization.

What does the blue circle with white tick mean?

A white tick on a Betacard indicates a Verified Business Account. To qualify for a Verified account, Company Administrators must input various factors including physical location and online presence. The Betacard team will manually assess the points of identification through a comprehensive criteria, including registered address, website and social media, before applying a blue tick to the organization.


How is this different from the grey tick?
A grey tick indicates the Betacard has been issued by an account that is registered as a Business Account, but not yet verified.

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