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Create a Company Card Template

1. Get started straight away on a blank canvas or pick from our library of Themes.

2. Decide which Fields you’d like to show on your Card Template.

Drag a Field onto the Card canvas. Start editing the Field from the right editing panel and add effects, change colour and more.

3. Consider adding Icons. 

Select and drag your Icons onto the Card canvas to mark a certain Field. Use the right editing panel to add different effects and more to your Icon.

4. Add your Logo

Click on the Images tab to upload your logo from your computer. Use the right editing panel to resize and align.

5. Choose the Background. Here are a few options:


Select Colour to open the colour palette. If you have a specific colour, use the HEX code for accuracy.


Select Paper to open gallery of paper backgrounds.


Select File Upload to select a background file from your computer.

6. Click on Back of Card to design the other side of your Card Template.

7. Save your Card Template when done!