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Onboarding Betacard

In the email sent to you, there’ll be a unique link for you to download your individual card. If you do not yet have the Betacard app, the link will first direct you to download the app, and your Card will be waiting for you upon Sign-up.

Getting Your Card Ready

Your company Card is customisable. Tap on your card and click on the Edit (pencil) button.

In the Edit screen you can:

Edit Name

Edit your name

Using the Edit Name function, change it to your preferred name.

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Hide your mobile number

Phone numbers are added by default but if you don’t want to share your mobile number just tap on it to hide it.


Add designations, titles or honoraries such as B.Sc, PhD, etc.

Sharing Your Card



To share your Card with Betacard users around you, swipe up on the Card you want to send, and pick the intended recipient(s). Ensure phone location and bluetooth are turned on.


Whatsapp and Messages

Sharing your Card with someone who does not have the Betacard app yet? No worries, sharing through ‘Whatsapp’ and ‘SMS’ is available in the ‘Other’ section. The recipient would receive a link to download it in Betacard.


QR Code

Share your card even without an internet connection or during a video conference with our QR feature. Swipe up on your card and look out for the QR icon on the top right.


Online Link

Generate a secured Online Link that you can send to your recipients. By clicking on the link, your recipients will be able to download your Card in Betacard, or an image of your card according to their preference.

Connecting and Managing Contacts

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Internal Directory

Reach out to your colleagues with ease through your Company specific Vault.

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Managing Your Vault

Our Smart Search feature searches for the keyword across all fields (name, company, social media etc) including your notes.


Forward A Card

Forward to someone by going to their Card, and hitting the share button. Even add a note with it if you want to.

Notes and Reminders

Add notes and reminders to remember important events. These notes are personal, no one can see them even if you decide to Forward the Card.


Edit Name

Under Settings> Account> Public Profile, drag keywords into their respective sections to customise how you want to appear. You can choose to display your full name, initials and other details.

Create Your Own Personal Cards

Head over to Editor to create your personal Card.