Frequently asked questions

All you need is an iOS or Android smartphone, with a registered mobile number for TAC verification purposes. Go ahead give it a try.

Yes, absolutely. That is our promise. We do not ask for any payment information.

You can design your Card on your phone or if you prefer a larger screen, though our Web Editor by visiting

Betacard is the only digital card platform that allows you complete customization of your Card.

Share as much or as little as you want. For example, on one card, you may populate personal details such as social handles, and mailing address for close friends. Learn how to show your handles on your card here.

Another card could contain professional contact details like your work designation email and your office number for your new acquaintances. The choice is entirely yours.

Of course! When you design your Card, be sure to remove your phone number if that’s the way that you want your Card to be viewed.

You can edit your Cards as many times as you’d like!

Through our Analog Card Feature, you can scan all the paper cards you receive into your Betacard app. That way you can access them anytime, anywhere.

Nope. Unlike most existing business card scanning apps, we do not impose a limit. And Betacard is absolutely free. Go ahead give it a try.

Absolutely. You may toggle that option via Settings in the app.

Yes! Even when you’re caught in level B6 of a carpark in the middle of nowhere, you will still be able to exchange Cards through your personal QR code.

You can access all the contacts in your Vault even when you’re offline.

Change your phone number to the new number in Settings before migrating. You will receive a SMS TAC on your new number. Enter the verification code as prompted in Settings.

For security purposes, when you use Betacard on the new device for the first time, you will need to Sign In through SMS TAC verification once more.

Your data is secured to AES 256-bit, professional grade encryption used widely by banks. What this means (in short) is, yes, your data is very, very safe.