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Betacard comes with plenty of amazing features. Here’s some to get you started.



You can create your Card exactly the way you want it, no special talent required. Start from our templates, upload images, drag and drop the rest. If you’d like to design from a larger screen go to from your desktop.


Slide your Card up, and a list of nearby recipients will appear. You can also share your Card through messaging systems (e.g. Whatsapp), QR or an Online link. Recipients without the app can choose to instantly “Add to Phone Book” with a click, or to download Betacard for the full experience.

Remember Nothing.

Search for anything. The information is accessible from anywhere. 

Always up to date.

Changes to Cards are updated instantly across the Betacard platform, so you can be assured that details are up to date always.

One interactive click to Access Everything.

All the details on the Card are interactive. Simply click through to complete your actions.

Paper cards are inconvenient. We get it. But there are others who don’t.

Here’s what to do with the Paper Cards You Receive.

Just snap it to create an Analog Card. The Analog Card behaves like the other Cards in your Vault. No worries about leaving your rolodex in the office, you have it all on your phone.

Full privacy controls

You decide if you want to allow your Card to be forwarded. We’ll tell you who forwarded it, and to whom.

Goes beyond the phone

Sometimes you’d like to share your details in other ways. That’s why we created Betalink. Just paste this magic link where required, and it will direct recipient to your unique Card link.

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